Creating the Perfect IceStation TITAN Hammerhead Computer Enclosure

Posted by ITS Enclosures on Oct 16, 2017 11:23:39 AM

The IceStation TITAN Hammerhead is a dual monitor, free-standing computer enclosure that can securely house two monitors, a computer, a barcode printer, and a keyboard/mouse.

The NEMA 12 TITAN Hammerhead will protect your monitors and electronics from dust, dirt, grease, and light dripping of fluids.

From the factory, the heavy-duty TITAN Hammerhead includes:

  • A large viewing window (49"W x 13.45"H) that can accommodate two 27-inch widescreen displays (Tempered Safety Glass or Polycarbonate window options are available)
  • Two adjustable, VESA mounts with monitor shelf
  • Integrated, lockable keyboard drawer with ergonomic wrist-rest
  • Sloped work surface with raised ledge for folders/writing utensils
  • Removable rear plate (15"H x 29.5"W) for easy monitor installation
  • Industrial swivel castors with locks (optional bolt down legs can be added)
  • Dual durometer EPDM gasket around the door openings
  • Lift and turn style key lockable latches
  • Gasketed, tool-free, rear split panel for quick and easy wire/cable entry

Add-ons will enhance the IceStation Hammerhead computer enclosure and make the cabinet more efficient for any end user!  

Here are additional accessories to create the perfect all-in-one industrial enclosure for any manufacturing environment:

usb connectors titan hammerhead accessories icestation itsenclosures.jpg

Waterproof USB Connectors
The bottom/right side of the top monitor portion has two holes (precut into the front) to install waterproof USB connectors. The connectors can be used for a handheld scanner or any electronic equipment that requires a USB; like a keyboard or pointing device. The USB ports can also be used to power, upload data, or charge a smartphone or tablet. When not in use, the USB ports can be capped to prevent tampering.

recirculating fan titan hammerhead accessories icestation itsenclosures.jpg

Internal Recirculating Fan
To keep air flowing throughout the enclosure, a recirculating fan can be installed between the top and bottom portion of the enclosure. If a filtered fan system is installed, the internal fan will help move air effectively from the bottom part of the enclosure to the top exhaust.

thermal management titan hammerhead accessories icestation itsenclosures.jpgThermal Management
A filtered fan system (200 CFM), air conditioners, vortex cooling unit, and heat exchanger are available for thermal management options for the Hammerhead enclosure. A filtered fan system is available with 10 or 3 micron filters and includes a thermostat to regulate the fan operation based on the internal temperature of the Hammerhead. For more extreme environments, various sizes of air conditioners can be installed to maintain the electronics' appropriate operating temperatures.

hinged printer door titan hammerhead accessories icestation itsenclosures.jpgHinged Printer Door
If a barcode printer will be installed inside of the bottom portion, a gasketed hinged printer door (HPD) will make it effortless to access labels and/or printed materials. Depending on the size of the printer, the HPD can be installed at various heights on the bottom front door. If hinged at the top, the printer door will close automatically after the label is retrieved.

sliding shelf brackets titan hammerhead accessories icestation itsenclosures.jpgSliding Shelf Brackets
The Hammerhead includes a vented, adjustable shelf for electronics residing under the keyboard drawer. Convert the stationary shelf with sliding shelf brackets, so the printer, computer, and any other electronics that will live in the TITAN Hammerhead can be accessed quickly and efficiently. The sliding shelf is helpful when servicing a printer to change media and labels.


6 outlet surge protector titan hammerhead accessories icestation itsenclosures.jpgSurge Protector
Add a 6-outlet surge protector to the inside of the TITAN Hammerhead to enable a user to plug in various electronics, including a printer, monitors and computer.

10 foot power cord titan hammerhead accessories icestation itsenclosures.jpg

Power Cord
A 10-foot power supply cord mounts on the back  of the enclosure. The 6 outlet surge protector can be plugged directly into the power cord.


You can also customize the rugged Hammerhead’s overall appearance. The enclosure’s standard finish is a polyester powder paint in blue and gray, but it is available in any custom color found on the RAL color chart.

The TITAN Hammerhead’s dual monitor capabilities make it stand out from the crowd. It is constructed out of 14-gauge welded steel and 12-gauge door thickness, and stands 61”H x 54”W x 27”D. Adding popular accessories will help the Hammerhead become more versatile and keep your computer system running for many years.

When searching for the perfect enclosure solution, ITSENCLOSURES’ TITAN family of NEMA rated products provide a variety of workstations for any factory and manufacturing setting.

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