How to Plan for an LCD Enclosure Installation

Posted by Matt Forsman on May 5, 2015 11:24:00 AM

Prior to installation, putting together a successful digital signage project is not a small or easy task!

A professional organization, with experience in digital signage installation, should be hired to make sure that everything is done properly. What may seem relatively easy for an in-house installation crew can quickly spiral out of control and create a big headache. These individuals may not have the proper experience to proficiently configure displays or install LCD enclosures solutions.

There are a number of companies that specialize in digital signage installations and they should be contacted before making any decisions. These companies cover everything from construction and cabling to physical installation and configuration of displays, media players and mounting solutions. 

6 Aspects to Consider Prior to the Installation

1. Enclosure Mount

ViewStation LCD enclosure Penn State University InstallAn LCD enclosure can be mounted in a number of different ways. Typical configurations include wall mounts, freestanding mounts or ceiling mounts. It is important that footers, ceiling trusses or a wall (where the enclosure will hang), is adequately prepped and ready for the installation.

2. Electronics 

It is vital to determine where the media players will reside – inside of the LCD enclosure or in a separate/remote location. Clarify who is responsible for installing the LCDs and media players. The software and content provider or the preferred installation company has the ability to set up and configure the electronics. The electronics installer should contact the NOC (Network Operations Center), verify connectivity and make sure that the content is running successfully prior to leaving the site. 

3. Cabling/Electrical

Failing to prepare the necessary cabling and electric to the site is a large issue that can completely terminate the entire project. Obviously without electric power, all the prep work that goes into the installation is irrelevant!

4. Installation Equipment 

If the new digital signage is replacing static signage, determine who is responsible for uninstalling and removing the old signage. Ensuring the right equipment is available on site is crucial to the overall success of the installation. Depending on how the LCD enclosures are mounted, some will require a fork lift or scissor lift for installation. Never underestimate the weight of an enclosure.
5. Coordination of Logistics
dunkin donuts installation viewstation itsenclosures unpacking digital menu boardThe time of the day the installation will occur is extremely important during the planning phase. Note if the installation will take place during normal working hours (Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm) or if an off/after-hours install is needed (weekend, evening, or overnight). The time may affect the total installation cost, availability of equipment, and labor required for the installation.

6. Site Survey
A site survey is strongly recommended to be completed prior to the actual installation. No matter how much one prepares, there are always unknown variables that do not rear their ugly head until the installation has begun. Cable run, electrical, mounting and equipment necessary for the installation will all be mapped out during a site survey. Eliminate the guesswork and plan for a seamless transition to digital signage. Read More: 4 Items to Check During an Outdoor Digital Menu Board Site Survey
Do the necessary homework!

Always consider hiring a professional company with knowledge and skill in digital signage installation. Construction, cabling, display configuring and the physical installation of equipment are services that an experienced installation company can provide. Choosing the right ‘install crew’ will save time and money. Both are terrible things to waste.

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