4 LCD Enclosure Trends on College Campuses

Posted by Matt Forsman on Sep 30, 2016 2:18:18 PM

Options to deploy digital signage are virtually limitless for college campuses. 

From digital menu boards to advertisements at the book store to upcoming special events, indoor digital signage has become more of a need - versus a want - in the last ten years. What about outdoor digital signage? Robust electronics, easier to use content drivers, lower costs of ownership, and more solutions available on the market have educational institutions turning to outdoor digital signage to maximize their messages to students, faculty, and visitors.

4 Outdoor Digital Signage Solutions

  1. Stadiums

    It comes as no surprise that college football stadiums are at the top of the list for areas that utilize vibrant outdoor LCD enclosures. Keeping fans constantly “in the game” by providing live feeds and replays are the perfect reasons to use outdoor LCDs. Industry trends show universities are installing LCDs in the stands, concourse areas and even in the restrooms. The type of enclosure needed is based on the environmental exposure to the LCD.

    College campuses can have a very complex, geographical layout, especially if located within an urban city. It may be difficult for students and visitors to find their way around the university. Deploying outdoor LCD enclosures or kiosks will be very beneficial for the various users in need of finding where they are going. Utilizing a touchscreen display may be an even better way for content developers to format and maximize the real estate on a screen. The level of detail, information, and graphics are infinite. Users can pinpoint their current location and see where they need to be down to the level of the cafeteria in the student union or a specific room in a lecture hall.
  1. Emergency Alerts

    With the unfortunate and devastating school shootings and violent protests on college campuses in recent years, emergency notification networks are mandated by virtually every state in the U.S. Educational institutions are turning to outdoor digital signage for their state-of-the-art emergency network. When no emergency alerts or warnings are occurring, kiosks are able to be repurposed to display other digital signage, like upcoming events, club meetings, and wayfinding. In the rare event of a campus-wide emergency, digital signs allow the communication to be streamlined immediately to ensure everyone’s safety. Updates can be made quickly from a safe location.
  1. Campus Events

    Installing outdoor LCD enclosures, throughout a campus to display current events and upcoming happenings, is a very popular solution. Student orientation, fraternity or sorority fundraisers, guest lecturers, plays, comedians, sports schedules, and concerts are all possibilities when deploying outdoor digital signage. Digital allows the university to display a campus-wide, unified message with the click of a button. No more archaic bulletin boards or boring flyers are needed to inform students!

Regardless of the reason that you may choose to deploy outdoor signage – make sure you select quality hardware! Commercial-grade high bright LCDs (greater than 1500 nits), a robust media player, proper thermal management, and a reputable enclosure manufacturer are all important aspects to consider during the planning process. Always check the manufacturers’ warranty before deployment, especially if you plan on running the units 24/7, 365 days a year. Ronak Bora, in the article “What’s Driving the Digital Signage Market Trends?” sums up how digital is being used at colleges/universities, “Digital signage is … used in educational institutions like schools to minimize clutter and confusion, alert staff and students to emergencies, share information and increase interaction. Today, there is a seamless communication between mobile instruments and commercial digital signage as new emerging technology is bridging the gap between them and thus engaging users.”

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